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Game Fowl Conditioning Broodstocks
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Conditioning Broodstock

Preconditioning of Broodstock:
Inject the Broodstock against NCD, IB, IBD, and FOWL POX before breeding.  Do a deworm 7 – 9 days before putting the Brooder.  Take a bath of mite free shampoo after deworming. Shave the butt of male and female to make sure that the cells will come inside.  Do a bacterial flushing in 3 days to make sure that the cock has no any kind of diseases.  Give Selectrogen Electrolytes with vitamins and minerals and B50 Forten every day.  Give the Male and Female of .5ml B Complex with Iron.  Give vitamin E gel capsule once a week for brooder and cock.  Give 2 parts of breeder pellets and 1 part hi-protein derby pellets during the priming.

Conditioning of Broodstock While Breeding.  Feed Broodhens Breeder Pellets 2 Parts mixed with Derby conditioner 1 Part.  Feed Broodcocks a Hi-Protein derby pellets 1 part mixed with derby conditioner.  Feed volume about 30 – 35 grams per feeding 2 times daily and separate the male from the females when feeding.
Administer mixed electrolytes with multivitamins and minerals in water Daily.  Give Sagupaan B50 Forten anti-stress every other day.  Inject the Broodcock with .5cc injectible iron supplement every 15 days



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