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Game Fowl Conditioning Stags
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Preconditioning Stags

Battle Stag conditioning requires more of your attention than cocks as they are still young and are still prone to injury.  At 3 to 4 months they are still eating Stag Developer and at this time we introduce a mature hen into their area to help spur their maturity. The presence of hens seem to calm them down also. 

At 5 months old I move them to flypens, with a roosting height of 5 feet that I gradually raise to 7 feet to allow the exercise. Their ranging areas have roosts at 4 feet.  Generally I keep them in the fly pen with the hen close by every other week then the in between week they are in a scratch box 1 hour a day.   As they mature they will become cocky so that is the time to cord the stag with a pali just longer than the pali for cocks.  Exercises for stags are not recommended and the extra cord will give them extra room to roam.

When corded I switch them to conditioning grains.  By the time they are going to the fly pens I am giving them 75% Stag Developer and 25% Grains, The next week 50-50% and the third week 25% Stag Developer and 75% grains.  Once corded they are feed full Developer Grains.

I administer vitamin B-complex like Sagupaans Complexor 3000 weekly to the stags at 3ml per bird and add multivitamins to their water. 

Conditioning Battle Stags

When training for a Stag Derby I do not exercise the selected Stags but just rotate them between the Flypen at 3 days a week and Scratch Box also 3 times a week.  I will spar them twice during this 21 day natural conditioning period but one buckle only and the buckle lasts only 30 seconds. 

For feed during the 21 day fight conditioning period we switch to a high protein derby conditioner To enhance their scratching exercise and to help us monitor their moisture content in the mornings we feed dry in the morning and wet in the evening.  During our 36 hour pointing period we do carboloading of our Battle Stags.


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