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Gamefowl Breeds: Blueface




Breed:           BLUEFACE

Coloring:      Mostly straight combed with lemon hackles.                         Lemon legs sometimes blue.

Comment:  Good to blend with all bloodlines specifically                        CLARETS, LEMONS, ROUNDHEADS AND                        KELSOS.

Fight Style:   Very powerful with lots of bottom.

The History of Blueface Fowl

The original Blueface broodcock came from Ted Mcclean, given to Lum Gilmore and left alone in the backyard. According to the story they believe that Blueface is a hard hitter, and when you make a trial fight between them you will see that it is really brave and strong. When it is ready to fight, the face will turn into blue. That’s why they called it blue face.

When Sweater Mcguiness visited the place of Lum Gilmore, he saw that the Blueface cock was alone, Sweater Mcguiness decided to bring a hen called Madigin regular Grey to Lum Gilmore to pair for Blueface cock. The first Blueface cock mating over Madigin regular Grey brought 2 eggs. They raised it properly and preserved it. The hen and rooster in the other hand, Sweater Mcguiness aquired two hen, Green legged hatch to Mr. Hatch. But when Sweater work in other place he left it to his friend named Elwin Law and when Sweater came back, he personally went and meets Mr. Law to get the two hen hatched. But Elwin sadly said that the other one died.

Even though it happens, Elwin still gave the remaining hen. And Sweater paired it to the first Blueface hatch rooster to Madigin regular Grey hen. All progeny mating ½ Blueface and ½ Col. John Madigin over Green legged hatch make a very good record in the history of America.

From that day on, the mating had become the original Blueface came to John F. Madigin that was breed by Sweater Mcguiness and known Blueface hatch.

That’s why when you analyze the present Blueface fowl, it was called 3 way crossing Product that came to a professional expert breeder in America. The original Blueface came to mating of Sweater Mcguiness is ¼ Blueface that came from Ted Mcclean that was given to Lum Gilmore and ¼ Col. John F. Madigin regular Grey and ½ blood Green legged hatch. They are the Blueface that didn’t turn its face into Blue when shuffled just like the Blueface of Billy Rubble.



















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